Top 10 Worst Films of 2015

What goes up must come down. 2015 had its share of solid films, but damn it was there not two bad movies for every one good. As with the Top 10 list, the list is a bit subjective, but here are the worst films of 2015.

Dishonorable Mention: Mad Max: Fury Road

I genuinely, 100% will never understand how people thought this was a good movie, much less the best of the year. It is about nothing, has no character development, and is just loud and dumb. I feel old and lame because those are cliché lines that people use to describe action films, and I’m fine with a blockbuster film having a simple plot and non-stop action (“Jurassic World” is on my Top 10 list) but I just am baffled by the love of “Mad Max.” You could say all the acclaim makes me… furious (I’m so funny).


10.) Terminator Genisys

The film couldn’t even spell its own title right, so there’s that.


9.) Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

I mean, I laughed a few times (“a few” is four, right?) but like oh my God, what was the point of this movie? Like who wanted it?


8.) The Boy Next Door

To be fair, this movie is funnier than other comedies this year like “Get Hard” or “American Ultra,” but for a film that set out to be a dramatic thriller, it isn’t a compliment.


7.) Pixels

This isn’t the last time we’ll see Adam Sandler on this list, but “Pixels” is lightyears better than his other film from 2015. It’s better than his most recent films, in fact, and until the climax it looked like maybe it was going to be a “[shrug] it’s fine” and not awful, but then everything goes off the rails. Close, but no cigar, Adam.


6.) Chappie

This is just a boring mess that tries to be smart and question things like God and what makes us human, but it just ends up being stupid. I really remember almost nothing about this movie aside from walking out of the theater and thinking “this was really quite dumb.”


5.) Taken 3

Thank God this was the final film in the franchise because jeez. You probably forgot this thing came out in 2015 (or at all), didn’t you? It is shot so awfully and edited together even worse that even if there was a good story going on (and there’s not) you wouldn’t be able to tell. Instead of watching this, go check out Neeson’s other “Liam with a Gun” movie from this year, “Run All Night”. That’s a solid flick; this is not.


4.) The Ridiculous 6

I told you Adam would be back! I didn’t pay for this movie but I want my money back. It was only released on Netflix but just made me hate Adam Sandler even more, which I didn’t think was possible. He is so lazy and so doesn’t care about his audience that it is deplorable.


3.) The Gunman

Speaking of boring movies about old guys with guns, this thing happened. I have never wanted to leave a theater so badly in my life (yes, even more than the two remaining films on this list). There is no action and no plot and no purpose and just… ughhhhhh, eff this movie.


2.) Fifty Shades of Grey

For so long, this was number one on my list. I hated this movie, and I honestly forget almost everything about it, outside that I hated it. The dialogue is laughably atrocious and the actors share the chemistry of blackboard chalk. I hope it was worth it, desperate lonely housewives. I hope you clambering for this movie was worth it.


1.) Fantastic Four

This movie is the living embodiment of a dumpster fire because holy crap. Nothing worked. The whole film is nothing but exposition, building to a climax that is cliché, lazy, boring, stupid, pointless, and devoid of any weight. “Fantastic Four”? More like Fantastic Bore (get it? Cuz…) I love Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan is great in “Creed,” but here both are stripped of any likability and charm. Seriously, what the hell happened here? The only positive thing this film gave the universe was all the hilarious behind-the-scenes drama that happened, including Teller and the director reportedly almost fighting constantly, and that same director showing up drunk on set every day and trashing the house the studio rented for him. Look into all that, it’s amazing. This movie is not amazing, nor is it fantastic (see what I did there?) but I’ll tell you what it is: it’s the worst film of 2015.


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