‘Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland’ is Average Fan Service

BMSThadPosterThey should probably stop turning TV shows into movies.

“Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland” is the continuation of the cancelled television series, “Blue Mountain State,” and follows now-NFL number one pick Thad Castle (Alan Ritchson) as he funds the biggest party of all-time in order to save his old college party house. Darin Brooks and Chris Romano also star as Lev Spiro directs.

In case you’ve never heard of “Blue Mountain State” (which is likely if you’re over the age of 30), it was a show that ran in 2010 and 2011 for three seasons. Since being cancelled, it has gained something of a cult-following from its occupation on Netflix, and in April 2014 it was announced the cast of the show would be starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund a movie. Nearly two years later, here we are. And what we end up getting is sporadically entertaining, if not lazy and skin-deep, fan service.

Really what I can say is this is pretty much what the “Entourage” movie was to the series. It’s nice to have the old faces back but once all the nostalgia wears off it’s clear that this isn’t a great movie. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very watchable and there are moments that I was laughing, but did this thing really need to exist?

The biggest problem with “Thadland” is its construction; or lack thereof. Most all of the film is set in one location, a giant party house, so it really gets stale after a while. They try and throw in subplots here and there to stretch the runtime (and are barely able to limp to 90 minutes) but it is clear the show was cancelled for a reason: there just aren’t any stories left to tell with these characters.

Since this isn’t basic cable, the movie takes advantage of being able to have nudity and say the f-word, but after a while it seems like they’re being extra raunchy just because they can for the first time, like a middle schooler who finally gets the guts to swear and look at dirty magazines (wow, what year do I think it is, saying magazine instead of Google dirty images?).

It may sound like I am trashing this and saying it’s complete garbage, and I should be clear that I did not dislike this movie; I just have to be honest when I say that it isn’t very good. If you liked the series then you’ll find enough enjoyment in “Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland;” but if you have never seen a single episode you won’t be nearly as entertained, and may even be lost. It was admirable for the cast to want to give the fans one last hurrah, but if this was the best they could do, maybe it is better to just let the past be the past.

Critics Rating: 5/10


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